Each character has seven Characteristics. (Ballistic Skill and Weapon Skill have been moved to “Skills” section, if you can believe that.)

Raising a Characteristic to the next highest rating costs ten times the value it is being raised to. For example, raising Brawn from 3 to 4 would require 40 XP. Each improvement must be purchased separately. This means that raising Brawn from 3 to 5 would cost 90 XP (40 for raising it from 3 to 4, then 50 more for raising it from 4 to 5).

No Characteristic can be raised above a rating of 5 with XP.


Strength describes how physically strong you are. It is important to note that Space Marines are inherently possessed of incredible strength, reflected in the starting Characteristics line for each Chapter.

Strength-based Skills include Athletics and Melee. Strength determines the damage you can inflict in hand-to-hand combat and is also used to offset penalties for carrying heavy weapons and gear.


Toughness defines how easily you can shrug off injury, resist toxins, endure disease, avoid other ailments. Space Marines are incredibly tough, as reflected in the starting Characteristics line for each Chapter.

The only Toughness-based Skill is Resilience. Toughness affects your Wound Threshold and Soak rating.


Agility measures your quickness, reflexes, and poise.

Agility-based Skills include Ballistics, Coordination, Gunnery, Piloting, and Stealth.


Intelligence is your measure of acumen, reason, and knowledge.

Intelligence-based Skills include Astrogation, Medicae, Logic, Tactics, Tech-Use, and all Knowledge Skills.


Perception describes how well you perceive your surroundings. It reflects acuteness of your senses.

Perception-based Skills include Security, Survival, and Vigilance.


Willpower demonstrates your ability to withstand the horrors of war and the dread opponents you are bound to encounter on missions with the Deathwatch.

Willpower-based Skills include Discipline and Psyniscience. Willpower also affects your Strain Threshold.


This is your ability to interact with other creatures, to deceive, charm, or befriend them.

Fellowship-based Skills include Coercion and Leadership.


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