Harmful Effects and Recovery


Concealment (darkness, smoke, and intervening terrain) adds up to 3 [SETBACK DICE] to anyone attempting to make any kind of check that requires perceiving a target.

Cover provides a character with 1 of ranged defense and adds 1 [SETBACK DIE] to certain Skill checks, particularly Vigilance.


Tight passageways, slippery ice, thick undergrowth, loose rubble, shifting sand, or waist-deep water are all examples of difficult terrain. Moving through difficult terrain slows characters; it costs twice the normal movement allowance to enter each of those spaces.


Stronger-than-normal gravity adds up to 3 [SETBACK DICE] to any Strength-based Skill checks and to Coordination Skill checks, depending on how strong the gravity is. Weaker-than-normal gravity adds up to 3 [BOOST DICE] to any Strength-based skill checks, depending on how weak the gravity is.


If completely submerged or in another airless environment, a character can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to her Toughness Characteristics. Thereafter, the character begins suffocating. While suffocating, a character suffers 3 Strain at the end of each round. These Strain points cannot be removed until the character can breathe again. (Note that some species do not require breath to survive.)


Upon impact, a character suffers 1 Strain point per 2 feet of falling. Halve this damage if the character makes a soft landing, such as in water. A character can reduce her total calculated falling damage by 15 feet with a successful Athletics or Coordination check against 2 difficulty.


A character dies instantly if subjected to total Wound points that exceed his Wound Threshold by 10. Death cannot be cured (short of entombment in the sarcophagus of an ancient dreadnought), but a permanent loss to the Chapter can be prevented by the recovery of the deceased’s gene-seed.


There are several ways to recover from Wounds.

Natural Healing: A character removes 1 Strain after every hour of rest. A character removes 1 Wound point at the end of each day of rest, and can attempt a Resilience check against each Critical Injury’s difficulty at the end of a week to remove Critical Injuries.

Medical Treatment: After each combat, a character may be affected by a single Medicae check. Each success removes on Wound point and each advantage removes 1 Strain point. The number of [DIFFICULTY DICE] for this check is 1 if the patient suffers Wound points fewer than half his Wound Threshold, 2 if more than half his Wound Threshold, or 3 if more than his full Wound Threshold.

At the end of each day of medical treatment, a Medicae check can be attempted against a Critical Injury’s difficulty to remove that Critical Injury.

A character using Medicae on his own wounds adds 2 [DIFFICULTY DICE].

Infirmary Care: If the character is subjected to the healing mechina of an advanced facility, like those available on imperial fleet ships, the character automatically removes 2 Wound points,2 Strain points, and a single Critical Injury per hour of treatment.

Harmful Effects and Recovery

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