The Apothecary is well-versed in the arts of battlefield first aid as well as advanced surgical techniques, cybernetics and bio-engineering. The Apothecary must be as courageous as his fellow Space Marines if not more so, for he must perform his life-saving surgeries in the midst of the battlefield.

Ranks: Initiate, Medic, Senior Medic, Clinician, Gene Speaker
Primary Skills: Medicae, Survival
Skill Access:

Assault_Marine.jpgASSAULT MARINE

Assault Marines are powerful melee fighters able to best almost any opponent in the bloody close-quarters melee fighting that is such a common feature of warfare in the 41st Millennium.

Ranks: Penitent, Lancer, Skirmisher, Bulwark, Jumpmaster
Primary Skills: Athletics, Melee
Skill Access:


Chaplains are the warrior-priests that minister to the spiritual well-being of their fellow Battle-Brothers, instilling in them the values and beliefs of the Chapter and promote the veneration or in rarer cases the actual worship of the Emperor of Mankind.

Ranks: Novice, Senior Novice, Interrogator, Reclusiarch, Master of Sanctity
Primary Skills: Coercion, Discipline
Skill Access:


It is essential that a Space Marine squad be led by a canny and daring individual. A commander is capable of divining the flow of battle for those opportunities that will allow his squad to maximise its tactical advantage.

Ranks: Aide, Sergeant, Champion, Captain, Chapter Master
Primary Skills: Leadership, Tactics
Skill Access:

Crew_Marine.jpgCREW MARINE

This is a catch-all title for Space Marines trained to serve as drivers, pilots, and in other crew positions in land, air, and space vehicles of all sizes. Crew marines are skilled drivers, navigators, and vehicle-weapon operators.

Ranks: Trainee, Driver, Flyer, Senior Flyer, Wing Commander
Primary Skills: Gunnery, Piloting
Skill Access:

Devastator_Marine.jpgDEVASTATOR MARINE

Devastator Marines are Space Marines who serve in heavy weapons squads. Devastators are experts with all types of Space Marine Heavy Weapons.

Ranks: Gunner’s Mate, Gunner, Master Gunner, Artillerist, Siegemaster
Primary Skills: Heavy Ranged, Vigilance
Skill Access:


Librarians are Space Marine psykers, those few who survive the rigorous screening and training of an Adeptus Astartes chapter. They bend the powers of the Warp to their will for the benefit of their fellow Battle-Brothers and in service to the Emperor of Mankind.

Ranks: Acolyte, Lexicanum, Codicier, Epistolary, Chief Librarian
Primary Skills: Astrogation, Psyniscience
Skill Access:

Scout_Marine.jpgSCOUT MARINE

Operating behind enemy lines, Scout Space Marines set ambushes for their foes, spy out the enemy’s movements, and gather what information they can about their opponent’s plans. Sometimes Scouts will covertly attack an enemy camp, capturing a commander for interrogation or alternatively sabotaging equipment and supplies.

Ranks: Recruit, Neophyte, Pacer, Infiltrator, Hunter
Primary Skills: Coordination, Stealth
Skill Access:

Tactical_Marine.jpgTACTICAL MARINE

A Tactical Marine is equipped to fight using a variety of ranged weapons across a broad range of combat conditions. Tactical Squads are a hardy lot, their resilience used for holding territory and battlefield objectives.

Ranks: Brother, Chosen, Specialist, Corporal, Warrant
Primary Skills: Light Ranged, Resilience
Skill Access:


Techmarines are Space Marine technicians and engineers. Techmarines are full Astartes Battle-Brothers; they are fully initiated members of both the Cult Mechanicus and their chapter.

Ranks: Adept, Machina, Machina Opus, Conservator, Master of the Forge
Primary Skills: Security, Tech-Use
Skill Access:


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