Each Talent tree has one or more Talents at each tier. The cost to purchase a Talent is 5 XP times the tier it exists at. For example, purchasing a third-tier Talent costs 15 XP. Talents from the second tier or higher cannot be purchased unless the character has already purchased at least one Talent from the tier directly below it.

A character can also purchase ranks of a non-Role Skill or purchase non-Role Talents. Each such Skill rank or Talent costs 5 XP more than its normal cost. Characters who are not Librarians cannot purchase Psyker Talents at any cost.


Each Talent tree is also “bounded.” That means you cannot purchase Talents at a tier higher than whatever bounds that Talent tree. Role-bound Talent trees are bounded by Role rank, effectively making them exclusive to Roles.

For example, the Strength Talent Tree is bounded by the Strength Characteristic. That means you cannot choose Talents from that tree if they are of a tier higher than your rating in the Strength Characteristic. If your Strength is only 2, you can only purchase Talents from the first two tiers.

Psyker Talent trees are all bounded by the Librarian Role, making them exclusive to Librarians, but sometimes have additional bounding requirements. Beyond bounding, some Psyker Talent trees also have a Chapter requirement.

Talent Trees: Agility, Apothecary, Assault Marine, Astrogation, Athletics, Ballistics, Chaplain, Coercion, Commander, Crew Marine, Coordination, Devastator Marine, Discipline, Fellowship, Gunnery, Intelligence, Leadership, Librarian, Logic, Medicae, Melee, Perception, Piloting, Psyniscience, Resilience, Scout Marine, Security, Stealth, Strength, Survival, Tactical Marine, Tactics, Tech-Use, Techmarine, Toughness, Vigilance, Willpower = 37

Psyker Talent Trees:


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